Huis Perrekes 25 years.

In 2011 ‘Huis Perrekes’ celebrates its 25th anniversary.
We wish to celebrate according to the spirit of the ‘House’: on a small scale, with increased attention to the quality and the depth of living and dying, individually-tailored and linked to the world which surrounds and supports us.

During this year we want the philosophy of ‘Huis Perrekes’ to be made visible by means of several activities.

Since we experience the power of music each day again, we have chosen to use a song to link the various events during this year. This song, ‘Ik ben er’, has been written and composed especially for this occasion and is performed by a choir composed of people representing all generations.

The essence of the Huis Perrekes philosophy has gradually taken shape and lays the foundation for further developments: transition concepts (a guest house with the possibility of short residential care, day care, night care, nursery and service flats) and new residential houses.
‘Huis Perrekes enfolds and expands’ invites all involved to knit and crochet small items and squares. Those unique knitted and crochet goods will gradually be joined together. They will be used to wrap around the house which symbolises the extension (a guest house in view of the development).

 A film registering the process of the transition will be presented at the concluding celebrations at the end of 2011.

A symposium concerning the subject ‘Desire and Death’ will be organised. Inspired speakers from home and abroad will clarify this theme each from their own point of view.

Furthermore we want to organize a happening which brings together word and image under the guidance of Gwy Mandelinck -who for 25 years inspired the renowned ‘Summer of Poetry’ at Watou-. This in collaboration with the various participants of the city Geel, the province Antwerp and the Flemish Community. The foundation ‘Koning Boudewijn’ supports this project in the context of ‘Dementiafriendly Communities’.

© 2015 Thomas Vleeshouwers