De Betties: More than just a choir!

We experience the power of music every day in Huis Perrekes. In each house a music therapist is present. Significant moments arise from, through, with and in music. Where language fades, music speaks.

Out of daily, positive, connecting musical experiences the choir De Betties was founded in 2010 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Huis Perrekes. It’s an intergenerational choir: 70 members, young and old, from children from the local school to residents of Huis Perrekes, guests of the day care Pension Dymphna, families, employees, volunteers and friends.

The choir was named De Betties in remembrance of the first enthusiastic choir member. The song ‘Ik ben er’ (I am here) was written and composed in Huis Perrekes especially for the choir. It describes the different stages of dementia, as experienced by the persons themselves.

De Betties present vitality. They invite the other – the attentive listener – to halt and wonder. The singers literally want their voices to be heard and so raise awareness regarding the presence of dementia in our society.

De Betties want to strengthen and keep alive the core concept of Huis Perrekes, now and in the future. This philosophy gives voice to the necessity of care adapted to the needs of each individual – each person with dementia. Huis Perrekes wants to bring together different sectors in care and in society and strives for an intrinsic relationship with culture in the broadest way possible.

De Betties are supported by Cera, Lucas, the King Baudouin Foundation, the Town Geel, the Province Antwerp, the Flemish Government and many other organisations and people involved.

Conductor: An Alen

Musical and logistic support: Rita Maes, Lieselotte Ronse, Kaat Hertecant en Véronique Parton

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