Culture & Nature

The connection between culture and nature sharpens the attention and encourages wonderment, creativity and enthusiasm.

In the Villa’s large garden, there is room for encounter, exchange and moments of beauty and comfort in a specially designed, public pavilion. Always connected to the local community and society at large, there is frequent cooperation with partners in care, culture, nature, education and social economy.

Our large, public garden is accessible during wintertime between 10am and 6pm and during summertime between 9am and 9pm. (There are toilets in the pavilion.)

The construction of the pavilion and the landscaping of the garden is co-funded by the province of Antwerp and the European fund of rural development.

Programme of the multifunctional space in the pavilion and garden:

  • A space for study, education, coaching, supervision and consultation
  • A space for expositions
  • A space for recitals
  • A space for music or dance workshops
  • A space for concerts
  • A space for creation and co-creation
  • A space for festivities and symposia
  • A space to recharge, to rest, to relax or to encounter
  • A space for play, movement and sports
  • A space for experiencing nature and nature education
  • A space for good, healthy food and drinks
  • A space for sanitary