Auction 1: Ceramic sculptures Juul & Jules

The auction in support of Fajar Baru exists of beautiful ceramic sculptures made by the children of ‘Juul and Jules’. Juul and Jules is a group of children of co-workers and children from the neigbourhood who participate in a variety of games and creative activities during the holidays. During the Summer of 2018 they molded sculptures under the guidance of Hilde Vandegaer and Frank Delbeke. The children offer those statues now to put on for auction.
‘Fajar Baru’ is Indonesian and means ‘new dawn’. This project wants to offer a future to children in need in Indonesia.
After the Christmas celebration we will be selling pretty postcards in support of this project.

Auction 2: Glass objects of Anna Torfs

The auction in support of the non-profit organization Huis Perrekes exists of marvellous objects in glass donated by Anna Torfs. The artist herself explains:

‘the objects we create and execute are subjected to strict quality control. Therefore we choose not to offer ‘imperfect’ objects for sale, for instance objects with bubbles or an inconsistency in colour or size. Those imperfect objects are often very beautiful but not ‘conform’ to the objects in our catalogue.
During 17 years we saved those objects carefully because we always intended to do something special with them.
Huis Perrekes has always been very precious to us. Not only because of our personal involvement but also because it is supported by people who just want to go one step further in creating something fine and good. From own experience we know that this is not the most obvious way to go. Therefore this (auction) offers us a wonderful opportunity to contribute a little grain of sand…..’


you can find these bids on the website of Huis Perrekes.


there will be an exposition of those artefacts in the pavillion of the Villa, from 1pm till 5pm (Oosterloseweg 92, 2440 Oosterlo).


the artworks will be assigned to the highest bidder. The auctions will end on December 20 gradually during the day. The lucky winners will be informed by telephone and can collect their purchase after the Christmas celebration or by appointment in Huis Perrekes.