The family has got the difficult task of admitting their mother, father or partner to Huis Perrekes. They often feel powerless, sad and guilty. Who has their partner, mother or father become? The roles are reversed: partner, mother or father becomes the problem child.
We feel it is important to communicate with them, to listen to their fears and needs. They remain involved in the care of their relatives and collaborate in the spirit of this philosophy, enabling us to provide appropriate care for their relatives. The family tells us a personal story, we try to connect and provide care according to their previous life style by creating a continuum.
To be able to start and to develop a relationship of trust, formal and/or informal meetings take place regularly. Those can be requested by the family as well as by team members.

Recently a group has been set up for partners of people suffering from dementia. Partners of deceased as well as partners of current residents can meet together and find support in one another.

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