Huis Perrekes wants to break down boundaries and to encourage integration in the village where it is established and in society in general. We use the services of the village. The people of the village make use of the services and health care provisions of Huis Perrekes and are offered the possibility of joining their activities.

Juul and Jules: ‘children of the village school encounter residents of Huis Perrekes’ .

Activities and gatherings, conducted at the pace of the children and the people suffering from dementia can lead to spontaneous encounters between residents and local children based on mutual respect.

 Week of Arts

Each year a ‘Week of Arts’ is organised in collaboration with the Medical Pedagogic Institute of Oosterlo. During this week residents of Huis Perrekes, guests of the MPI and  children of the village are invited to take part in a variety of activities and enjoy interactions in a very natural way.

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