Each house is managed by a separate multi –and interdisciplinary team consisting of nurses, nursing assistants, an occupational therapist, an educational therapist, a music therapist, a physiotherapist, a medical doctor, a cleaner, a handyman and a gardener.  Each one observes, perceives, listens and contributes, using their own expertise and personal experience, taking into account a joint understanding. At briefings and meetings the team members attune their minds. As a result, each team member functions in a similar way so that a holding environment is created and consolidated in which residents are encouraged to use their own abilities and are supported when needed.

As professionals, working in a small-scale living project based on the principle of normalization we move continuously between being autonomous and involved. Searching for a professional attitude is  a fascinating challenge and an interesting equilibrium exercise. Good care, and attendance to the time and rhythm of people with dementia and their family is strictly linked with good care and attendance to the time and rhythm of each professional.
Since 2008 Huis Perrekes organises –alongside the regular meetings- the project ‘Take some air’. It is offered to each one who works in Huis Perrekes and has interest in this project. ‘Take some air’ offers moments of relaxation and serenity. The project creates opportunities to meet each other once a month in a different context but starting from a same concern.  There are maximum twelve participants in one group. Those moments are coached by external professionals who ensure a safe setting.

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