To live in Huis Perrekes/Short residential period/Day- and Night care.

At present Huis Perrekes runs three houses offering each residential care for 15 people suffering from dementia.
The residents live together in a group, they share their joys and sorrows, each one according to their remaining abilities. It has been a deliberate choice to make the group heterogeneous with regard to the different stages of dementia, age and social background.
In order to develop a relationship of trust, the principal requirements are empathy and respect for the inner world of people suffering from dementia and their relatives. In Huis Perrekes we search together for the meaning of an unfinished word, a tear, an anger-attack. We try to empathise, to travel along in the inner world of the person suffering from dementia. We try to read their body language and to communicate by means of this authentic channel.

One can stay in Huis Perrekes just for day care, night care or a short stay.

Each intake is treated individually and Huis Perrekes together with the family focus on the best solution.

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